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Wedding Bells, Engagement Celebration, Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties And a COUPON

I know we've been telling y'all how busy we've been lately.  Saturday November 30th was a wedding for one daughter and Sunday December 8th was an engagement party for another daughter.

In between, we've been busy buying, taking photos of and listing Ugly Christmas sweaters.   Just in case you haven't gotten your Tacky sweater, we do still have a good supply of uglies, just for you.

To sweeten the deal, we are offering a 15% off coupon, starting today, Friday the 13th through Monday Dec. 16th.   Of course, the coupon is good towards anything we have in our shop.   Just enter coupon code UGLYSWEATER2013 AND...if you're still not finding what you want, please check out the items in our daughters' shops at:

We wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Aunt Sisters Deb and Cindy

Our family's newest newlyweds!

Our family's newest newlyweds!







Shop Small Business Day November 24th

According to a TV ad I saw on Thanksgiving, today is Shop Small Business Day.  It sounds a lot friendlier than Black Friday, for sure.  

Aunt Sister and I and one of our Juniors, had a big picking day on Wednesday, Thanksgiving eve.   We started again at the local Goodwill Outlet store, the "digging store". 

It's weird, really, how that store gets under your skin.  The first few times we were in the store, I have to admit, we were all a little grossed out.   Mounds of stuff in bins and folks digging and throwing things.   BUT, put a pair of rubber gloves on your hands, and it really frees you up, both mentally and physically, to just get in there with the best of the diggers and go for it.    This trip, gloves on, we spent nearly 2 hours in this store, digging, picking, throwing and pawing our way through nearly every bin.  In fact, we stood in line with the rest of the treasure seekers and waited for bins of "new stuff" to come rolling out from the back and dove in with the rest when we were given the "go ahead".   We came out of there with several suitcases, sheets, curtains, books, and other doodads and whatchamacallits in 2 full shopping carts.  

Leaving the outlet store we made our way to two other favorite thrift stores, found several UGLY TAcky Christmas Sweaters, vests and sweatshirts, and more sheets, books and other treasures.   It was a full day of fun and pickings. 

We took pictures of each other in the TAcky Holiday wear after Thanksgiving Dinner and began posting yesterday.    Suitcases will be next, along with sheets, books and other goodies.     We hope you'll check out the new listings.

As always, please take a peak at the Aunt Sisters Juniors shops, too, at:

Gloved and ready to do some digging at the Goodwill Outlet StoreA new "model" wearing an adult onesie/vintage snuggie as featured on HalfSkyCovered.




P.S. Check out Aunt Sister’s Juniors

Our daughters, "the Aunt Sisters Juniors" have etsy shops too and their own Tacky Christmas Sweater collections and other gifts, so check them out too.    I am sure you'll love their descriptions as well as their style--they learned at the knees of their Aunt Sisters.    So, for even more choices for Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Holiday gifts go to:

Happy Shopping!



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