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It’s a…BOY and a…GIRL….Beach Time and more

In the past week we have learned the sex of our grandbabies due in October..Aunt Sister Cindy's son and daughter in law are having a boy and Aunt Sister Deb's son and daughter in law are having a girl!   Both are due in October.  Add to that our participation in the Handmade Harvest Festival in Bethpage, TN and it's going to be a busy month!

In addition, Aunt Sister and I have been taking an Etsy seller seminar and have learned and put into effect a few new things in our shop and in our social media connections.    Now, besides our accounts on instagram: auntsisterspicks, and Twitter:  AuntSisterCindy and AuntSisterDeb, we also have an account on pinterest:  AuntSistersPick (we had to leave off the s as it was too many characters).   We have also rewritten our story and about sections and these "new" additions will soon appear in our shop.

We always invite you to look at our daughter's shop:

We would now like to invite you to look at another daughter's shop, just opened this week, at:

Finally, Aunt Sister Cindy is taking the next two weeks off at the beach in South Carolina for much needed R & R.   What that means to you is that Aunt Sister Deb will be holding down the fort and continuing to ship linens, BUT other items will NOT be shipped until Monday June 30th.  We thank you in advance for your patience.

Happy thrifting!


Aunt Sisters Deb and Cindy

Suddenly we seem to be chair people.  Everywhere we go chairs keep calling our name.

Suddenly we seem to be chair people. Everywhere we go chairs keep calling our name.

Aunt Sister Cindy has been doing some organizing in the Aunt Sister "room"

Aunt Sister Cindy has been doing some organizing in the Aunt Sister "room"


Showers and Graduations, Weddings and Vacations

Botany Bay in South Carolina

In the past two months, Aunt Sister and I have been on a wild ride and it's been a lot of fun.   Her son got married and we gave her daughter to be a bridal shower and a bachelorette party and a bridal luncheon.   Then my youngest daughter graduated from college and we attended that ceremony and gave her a party.   Next was the wedding and reception of Aunt Sister Cindy's son.      And then a week after the wedding, Aunt Sister and I went on a little vacation to the beach, for a lot of fun, some beach hiking and shell collecting, wave riding, bicycling and a couple of BINGO nights.   YeeHaw!

sunset on the bay in South Carolina

We're BACK though and ready to get back into it.   I've started a mini list fest of our latest linen finds--lots of cute children's sheets and some other great floral patterns.   Check out the Unicorn pillowcases!   I'll be listing some suitcases in the next few days too. 

When we parted the other night after driving home from the beach, Aunt Sister was already talking about and planning a thrifting day.     Give her a few days and I'm sure she'll be listing one of her nifty picks.

We hope each of you is enjoying the summer and have fun days to look forward to with your family.    If you haven't looked at our shop lately, check us out and then, check out our daughters' shops at:




AWESOME JUNE…Father’s Day, Vacations and SALES

Ahhhhhh...June!   The official start of summer, yard sale season, gardens, picnics, camping, bike rides, swimming, cookouts, blooming flowers...did I leave anything out?  

We have new items in our SALE section--check them out!   And we have new items to list, BUT, with all the other fun going on, we're getting a little behind on our listings.

We've featured a few ideas for Father's Day on our "featured"--a cross stitched Father saying and some other "manly items".    The old saying is anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a "Daddy".   I couldn't agree more and I know Aunt Sister feels the same.

We have that special someone--our Daddy!     Growing up with him was an adventure--lots of travelling and camping and hiking.    One of my favorite things about my Daddy is his enthusiasm.    Before our family would leave on a road trip he would always tell us we were going to leave "early the next morning".   However, without fail, when he'd get home from work that evening he'd announce that we were leaving tonight--he just couldn't wait to get started!     He still has that same enthusiasm today--loves to travel, hike and his newest passion--restoring an old truck.    There's no telling how many times he has taken it apart, travelled across the country to get just the right part, and tried out another idea.   He's having a blast and the truck is looking great with all of his finishing touches and eye for detail.   And, finally, Aunt Sister and I couldn't have asked for a more loving Daddy.   We have always known he loves us--not only does he regularly tell us, he hugs us, he listens to us, supports us, and will do anything to help us.   Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

One thing more.   Aunt Sister and I are going to be on the beach next week.    If you find something you want after this Saturday, please buy it, but we will not be shipping it till the week of June 25.  

And don't forget to check out HalfSkyCovered and EdistoBound, two of the Aunt Sister "Juniors" at:

Have a Great Day!