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Happy New Year, Let it Snow and How about a coupon to brighten these gray winter days?

Happy New Year! It's been cold and gray in middle Tennessee. Our snow is measured in dustings and tenths, but it has been dreary. Aunt Sister and I try to stay busy with new listings and weekly trips to our latest fav thrifting spot: "the digger". It seems we keep breaking our record each time we go, spending longer digging through the bins and piling our cart higher with treasures. We try not to leave now till we get 50 pounds or more so that our price per pound,"drops" to the lowest, best price available at the digger.

I think that looks like about 50 pounds worth!

I think that looks like about 50 pounds worth!

Car loaded down and we're heading home!

Car loaded down and we're heading home!

Waiting to be listed..

Waiting to be listed..

Our purchases are all over the place from Christmas to Easter to Halloween decorations, books, suitcases and other bags, board and card games, wall art, chalkboards, crutches, dog and kid toys, baby items, stitchery kits, even pool cue chalk. We never know what we'll find and well, that's a good part of the fun! Aunt Sister feels satisfied that we've taken full advantage of a bin when we dig to the bottom of the bin and that's often where we find the best treasures!

Please check out our daughters' Etsy sites at:

Thanks as always to our customers, looky loos and friends! Here's a coupon for you all to use immediately through this weekend:

BEATWINTERBLUES2015. Enter it at checkout for a 20% discount. Aunt Sisters Deb and Cindy


Aunt Sisters Picks…We’re Here For You….

Or maybe I should say, we're here because of you!   We've had our "Aunt Sisters Picks" etsy shop for more than 2 years now and we're still having fun.    We want to thank all of our customers, both the one time buyers, but especially the repeat customers.

It's been a busy spring and summer with trips and other events for Aunt Sisters and our families and the fun continues.  Next up --a family volleyball party and picnic, a booth in the Handmade Harvest Fair in Bethpage, Tennessee, and another camping trip at a Tennessee State Park.  In between, there's the usual trips to our fav shopping hot spots and listing on Etsy.

Just in case you've never asked us, we want to make sure you know that YES, we will combine shipping!!   We use our best estimate for shipping when listing, but realize you might be our neighbor down the road or you want to purchase three items that will all fit in one medium priority box.   So, we WILL combine the shipping of items and we WILL refund your paypal account unused shipping money.   Please ask us about this!

And, as we always say, we are not experts.  We do try to tell you about any stains, tears, nicks and scratches on our listed items so that we might honestly represent the vintage piece.   However, neither of us consider ourselves "stain removal experts".    We don't try to remove the stains we see, we leave that up to "your expert handling".   So, unless we post in the listing that the stain looks like an oil stain, YOU might be able to get the stain out.  Or repair the ripped seam or stain the nicks and scratches in a frame get the idea!

Finally, as always, please check out the shops of our "Aunt Sisters Juniors":  There's Casey, a senior education major and future high school math teacher at:

Carrie, a graduate student, earning her Masters in Social Work at:

And Ivy, a first year 4th grade teacher, at:

Bye for now, and as our daughters say...Aunt Sister:   loves you like an aunt, treats you like a sister!