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The Vernal Equinox and a new coupon EQUINOX2015 for 20% off

It's nearly time for the vernal equinox, SPRING, new life, bright green leaves, colorful flowers! Families and friends will gather for Easter celebrations. The sun will shine and warmer weather will return. Sounds great, huh?

Aunt Sister and I are planning the annual Easter dinner and egg hunt we have the day before Easter with eggs filled with candy and games galore and lots of good food. We started early looking for plastic eggs to fill, games to play, and fun prizes for all the kids. We look forward to all the usual kids who come to the party, plus some newcomers...our grandbabies born last October!

Our next adventure will be to prepare ourselves and our picks for a booth at the first annual Garden and Goods Spring Market to be held on the grounds of the Cragfont State Historic Home, Castalian Springs, TN from Thursday May 7th through Saturday May 9th. The first night is a "sneak peak" with limited attendance but the next two days will be open to all: Friday 12-8 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is a $3 admission each day. If you're in the area, we hope you'll come to the "market" and please, look us up! We'd love to meet you!

To help you celebrate the vernal equinox, spring, Easter and new life, we offer a coupon of 20% off, effective now through March 26th. Just enter EQUINOX2015 at checkout to receive your discount. Thanks as always to our loyal customers and new friends. We love your reviews! We have received several lately that reaffirm our belief: "It's not about the stuff, it's about the feeling". These reviews warm our hearts and give even more enjoyment to our "picking".

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Toodle Loo!

Aunt Sisters Deb and Cindy

These two "second cousins" look ready for their first Easter Egg Hunt!

These two "second cousins" look ready for their first Easter Egg Hunt!


Spring Spring Spring! Easter Celebrations and a Coupon

photo_4 (7) Easter MantelSpring is here!   We've had a few absolutely gorgeous days and our early spring flowers like daffodils and early blooming trees like the Bradford pears are wowing us with their colors.   Overnight our grass turned green, the birds are singing and we're starting to see some summer bird residents...the brown thrasher and the barn swallow, among others.  Of course, two beautiful days are followed by rainy ones and cooler temps, but that's all a part of spring, isn't it?

Aunt Sister and I have been to one of our fav thrift spots, "the digger" several times in the past few weeks and filled up a buggy--sometimes two!   We've been on the hunt for Easter basket toys and books for a Easter dinner and egg hunt we have at Sister's the day before Easter.  This year, too, we're working on stunts for an obstacle course that we'll have kids do to "earn" their Easter basket and the digger and other fav thrift stores have provided some great props, ideas and prizes.

To celebrate "spring" and Easter, we're offering a coupon starting now through next Friday, the 11th.   Enter coupon code ThinkSpring2014 for 15% off your purchase.

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As always, thanks for your views, questions and purchases.  Happy Spring and Happy Easter, too!

Aunt Sisters, Deb and Cindy





Come on Spring! Almost spring…15% off coupon for loyal customers PeteandRepeat2014


Daffodils blooming..just before the last winter storm

Daffodils blooming..just before the last winter storm

Winter can be so long sometimes...cold, ice, snow, cabin fever!   It's March, daylight savings time begins on Sunday, and there's snow in the yard and ice on the trees.

But enough of that.  We'd like to offer a coupon to our loyal and repeating customers to help with those end of winter blahs.  The coupon starts today, March 5th, and will run till next Wednesday, March 12th.   Just put in coupon code:


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