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The weather outside is Frightful but a COUPON at AuntSistersPicks is Delightful

We have had a cloudy week here in Middle Tennessee with some rain and some drip and just general funky weather. But Aunt Sister and I had a great day at one of our local Goodwill stores this week, a store we refer to as "the digger".

We spent several hours "digging" through bins of merchandise before we left with 75.5 pounds of "great picks". Add to that two more stops at local thrift stores and it makes for a "car full".

We "picked" several Christmas blow molds that day, in addition to other fun Christmas decorations, games, books, toys, home décor, and general funky junk.

Aunt Sister Cindy's find of the day was her newest obsession...."knee hugger elves". We've already started listing some of the new "picks" with more to come in the next few days. Check out our latest posts on Instagram at auntsisterspicks for photos of our "full shopping cart" and Aunt Sister Cindy's elves.

We hope you'll enjoy the new lists and any of our other great picks already listed. Christmas parties are just around the corner and we have Tacky Christmas sweaters galore as well as great gifts for your Secret Santa, Fav Sister, Best Friend, or Dirty Santa. To help sweeten "your hunt" we're offering a coupon for the weekend. Just enter ChristmasFun2014 now through Sunday night for 10% off your order.

And, if you don't find what you're looking for in our shop, look through our daughters' shops at:

Thanks as always and we hope you're having a great holiday season! Aunt Sisters Deb and Cindy


It’s a…BOY and a…GIRL….Beach Time and more

In the past week we have learned the sex of our grandbabies due in October..Aunt Sister Cindy's son and daughter in law are having a boy and Aunt Sister Deb's son and daughter in law are having a girl!   Both are due in October.  Add to that our participation in the Handmade Harvest Festival in Bethpage, TN and it's going to be a busy month!

In addition, Aunt Sister and I have been taking an Etsy seller seminar and have learned and put into effect a few new things in our shop and in our social media connections.    Now, besides our accounts on instagram: auntsisterspicks, and Twitter:  AuntSisterCindy and AuntSisterDeb, we also have an account on pinterest:  AuntSistersPick (we had to leave off the s as it was too many characters).   We have also rewritten our story and about sections and these "new" additions will soon appear in our shop.

We always invite you to look at our daughter's shop:

We would now like to invite you to look at another daughter's shop, just opened this week, at:

Finally, Aunt Sister Cindy is taking the next two weeks off at the beach in South Carolina for much needed R & R.   What that means to you is that Aunt Sister Deb will be holding down the fort and continuing to ship linens, BUT other items will NOT be shipped until Monday June 30th.  We thank you in advance for your patience.

Happy thrifting!


Aunt Sisters Deb and Cindy

Suddenly we seem to be chair people.  Everywhere we go chairs keep calling our name.

Suddenly we seem to be chair people. Everywhere we go chairs keep calling our name.

Aunt Sister Cindy has been doing some organizing in the Aunt Sister "room"

Aunt Sister Cindy has been doing some organizing in the Aunt Sister "room"