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Happy New Year, Let it Snow and How about a coupon to brighten these gray winter days?

Happy New Year! It's been cold and gray in middle Tennessee. Our snow is measured in dustings and tenths, but it has been dreary. Aunt Sister and I try to stay busy with new listings and weekly trips to our latest fav thrifting spot: "the digger". It seems we keep breaking our record each time we go, spending longer digging through the bins and piling our cart higher with treasures. We try not to leave now till we get 50 pounds or more so that our price per pound,"drops" to the lowest, best price available at the digger.

I think that looks like about 50 pounds worth!

I think that looks like about 50 pounds worth!

Car loaded down and we're heading home!

Car loaded down and we're heading home!

Waiting to be listed..

Waiting to be listed..

Our purchases are all over the place from Christmas to Easter to Halloween decorations, books, suitcases and other bags, board and card games, wall art, chalkboards, crutches, dog and kid toys, baby items, stitchery kits, even pool cue chalk. We never know what we'll find and well, that's a good part of the fun! Aunt Sister feels satisfied that we've taken full advantage of a bin when we dig to the bottom of the bin and that's often where we find the best treasures!

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Thanks as always to our customers, looky loos and friends! Here's a coupon for you all to use immediately through this weekend:

BEATWINTERBLUES2015. Enter it at checkout for a 20% discount. Aunt Sisters Deb and Cindy


The weather outside is Frightful but a COUPON at AuntSistersPicks is Delightful

We have had a cloudy week here in Middle Tennessee with some rain and some drip and just general funky weather. But Aunt Sister and I had a great day at one of our local Goodwill stores this week, a store we refer to as "the digger".

We spent several hours "digging" through bins of merchandise before we left with 75.5 pounds of "great picks". Add to that two more stops at local thrift stores and it makes for a "car full".

We "picked" several Christmas blow molds that day, in addition to other fun Christmas decorations, games, books, toys, home décor, and general funky junk.

Aunt Sister Cindy's find of the day was her newest obsession...."knee hugger elves". We've already started listing some of the new "picks" with more to come in the next few days. Check out our latest posts on Instagram at auntsisterspicks for photos of our "full shopping cart" and Aunt Sister Cindy's elves.

We hope you'll enjoy the new lists and any of our other great picks already listed. Christmas parties are just around the corner and we have Tacky Christmas sweaters galore as well as great gifts for your Secret Santa, Fav Sister, Best Friend, or Dirty Santa. To help sweeten "your hunt" we're offering a coupon for the weekend. Just enter ChristmasFun2014 now through Sunday night for 10% off your order.

And, if you don't find what you're looking for in our shop, look through our daughters' shops at:

Thanks as always and we hope you're having a great holiday season! Aunt Sisters Deb and Cindy


Spring, Trips, and Weddings

It's cloudy, spitting snow, windy and cold here today, but, it's March and ALMOST spring.  Daylight savings begins Sunday!   Birds are singing, daffodils have bloomed and the iris and tulips are putting out their new "green".

I had a short "pickin" trip yesterday at my usual haunts and came home with a few new sheets, some cute, cute, cute glasbake mugs and 2 children's lightweight sleeping bags--one is Star Wars and the other is Care Bears.   Now, for some sun and a little less wind so I can take pictures and list these items. 

Aunt Sister and I are planning a picking trip next week to southern middle Tennessee and will update you during the day with whistles and tweets and instagram messages.   If you're not following us already, we're "auntsisterspicks" on instagram, too, just to keep it simple.   We "tweet" at Aunt Sister Deb and Aunt Sister Cindy.

We'd like to ask for your of ours is getting married in May and we're working on the rehearsal dinner.  The venue is "out in the woods" and the food will be bbq and part of the entertainment and fun will be a square dance.   What we need are decoration ideas--the tablecloths and napkins, centerpieces, and more.   The number of guests will be 50-55, so about 6-8 tables.   Please, flood us with your crafty, fun, over the top, you gotta do this decorating ideas!

As always, check out Half Sky Covered at:  for her latest additions.

Stay warm and keep on pickin'!

A little Star Wars, a little Care Bears, Glasbake mugs, rainbow and other floral sheets