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Trying some New Ideas I saw in “Blog World”

Okay, I don't know about you, but I can get lost for hours going from blog to blog to blog, learning all kinds of ideas for reusing, repurposing, upcycling etc!

I saw these 2  easy ideas to try over the weekend, so for $8 total, I made a cute blue 3 tier serving tray and 3 small silver plated "chalkboard" trays.

I didn't think they looked too bad for my first attempt at both!  I'll probably use the blue tier tray for Easter goodies and maybe the little chalk boards to hang above the desserts or something.  I'm sure I will think of something!

I meant to check the prices of jewelry at Goodwill today - we've been working on some chandeliers with teacups, and several different ideas and I'm betting I can find some nice bling to hang on the chandeliers for not too much money!

Our first "occasional sale" is the weekend after Easter.  If you're in the area, come see us!

Aunt Sister Cindy :)


Getting ready for our Spring “Pickings” Sale

Well, Aunt Sister Deb, Future Aunt Sister Carrie and I got together this week to start getting things ready for our very first "Pickings" Sale.  We are still not exactly sure what to call it -- it's definitely not your average yard sale, but it's not an antique sale either.  It's just going to be a weekend sale of what we have "picked"  over the past year.  Some of it has been at our antique booth, some has been listed on Etsy, and some more are things we have just found over the last month or so that haven't been shown or listed anywhere yet.

Yard sale season is upon us and we want to sell a lot and bring in lots more!  We were planning on having the sale next week, April 14 - 16, but... we have decided to postpone it until the weekend after Easter now.   My husband has been kind enough to let us have over half of his LARGE garage and we are filling it up quickly!  I'm not sure where we are going to put all of the furniture and items from our booth, but we plan to bring most of it here so we can start fresh there also.

A few pictures show the garage filling up with goodies!

Gotta get back to listing on Etsy!  I will try to post some pictures tomorrow of the teacup chandeliers we are working on and the awesome Purple Chenille bedspread I found today!

Aunt Sister Cindy :)

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A beautiful day for painting furniture

It was a little windy but a great day for painting!  Yes, both Aunt Sisters and several helpers were outside painting today.

They were some of our furniture picks from the past few months that we just hadn't gotten around to painting so... Last week my husband set me up with his electric sander and I got 2 end tables, a cabinet with glass doors and a 4 poster bed ready for painting.

We met at my house after lunch today and got to work.  We haven't used the red paint in quite awhile but took a chance on the bed and end tables (or maybe night stands?) and I think they turned out really nice.  What do you think?

The white cabinet is very similar to one I have hanging in my bathroom for spare towels, etc. so I decided to paint it white.  I may try to use the sander on it and distress the paint a little before we take it to sale.  Our first time renting a booth in a flea market type show is coming up next weekend so we are hoping to take a lot of our bigger furniture to sell (so we can buy more of course :)  We will post pictures of our "sale" booth soon and would love to hear ideas on how you set up a booth if you participate in flea markets or the like.

Thanks for checking out our blog - we would really appreciate any feedback!

Aunt Sister Cindy

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