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The Flea Market Weekend Hendersonville, Tennessee

"TJ"This past weekend, Friday-Sunday, Feb 10th-12th, Aunt Sisters Picks had a booth in a flea market in Hendersonville, Tennessee.     We rented a 10 x 10 booth and then stuffed it to the edges...and a little beyond!   

The location was great!   The expo center is large and heated.  As this was our coldest weekend this winter heat was wonderful!.   The traffic was heavy and we had a lot of visitors, both friends we already knew and some we just met.    We spent the weekend together with our mother and my daughter, and well, for us, it just doesn't get much better.

As for our sales, we sold a lot of painted furniture that Aunt Sister Cindy loves to do, some crazy teacups she made late last year, and the rest was a variety--a handpainted sign on barn wood, vintage clothing, a cross stitched sampler, and more. 

The most often looked at and asked about thing was "not for sale"--our new mascot "TJ", a not real but very "real looking" kitten.    "TJ" spent the weekend sleeping on a pillow in a suitcase and was moved all around the booth.   Many asked "if she was real" and "if it was okay to pet her" and, of course, a few wanted to know "how much?"   Everyone loved "TJ" and it gave us another way to make new friends.

So, what's next?   It's "almost" yard sale time but happening now are estate sales.      We'll soon be back at the weekly sales and, as always, trying to continue to list, list, list on our etsy site.    And, we found out about another sale in late April where we'll probably try to set up a booth.   We continue to look and buy booth space, looking for that flea market, treasures sale or festival that we feel "fits Aunt Sisters Picks".  

Till next time, please check us out at AuntSistersPicks on etsy and for vintage clothing and other fun doodads, check out our Aunt Sisters Juniors at

Keep on pickin'!   Aunt Sister Deb





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